Popaganda: In Kalamata everyone is dancing at Baroque

Baroque Bar Kalamata - Popaganda - Αφιέρωμα

In the historic center of the town there is a cocktail bar that hosts some of the best DJs in Greece.

Baroque is located in the historic center of the town, in a square that has been at the center of nightlife in Kalamata for the last five years, gathering the most of the bars for the winter evenings, because in the morning time, there exists a small market, while in the summertime the crowd moves to the beach.

Leaving his hometown to study, George Sakkas wouldn’t count on the possibility of returning to Kalamata for permanent residence, let alone making one of the most successful bars in town. Making his first contact with the profession of bartending in Patra as a student, he followed a great wandering at the bars in Athens and on the islands and attended many seminars for cocktails in Greece and abroad to end up leading the unique dance place of the town. On Friday and Saturday nights, all suspicious locals and informed tourists will get to Baroque for dancing.

Baroque Bar Kalamata - Popaganda - Αφιέρωμα
Everyone loves Waikiki Beach.
Baroque Bar Kalamata - Popaganda - Αφιέρωμα
In the decks of Baroque have played some of the most well-known local and international DJs.
Baroque Bar Kalamata - Popaganda - Αφιέρωμα
How could you resist the temptation of “Βe my pineapple” cocktail;

When I walked into the place and sat at the bar, while admiring the well-informed drinks’ collection, George revealed to me that they have 350 different beverage barcodes that are constantly renewed and their purpose is not only to satisfy all tastes, as they do as you can imagine, but also to give people new choices. Besides, modern bartending, if anything else, cultivates our tasteful experiences with the imaginative cocktails, and from such coctails in Baroque I found a great variety.

In the bar list there are, of course, all the classic cocktails – including vintage, Sazerac, El Presidente etc., alongside which you can also read an explanation of how to create them. Apart from these, there is a special seasonal list with many tiki, since they match the summer mood, and other cocktails. Waikiki Beach was what I wanted to try, since I heard its name, then Spicy Love with rums, passion fruit, bitter almond and ginger, and Nui Nui with orange and sweet and hot pepper, said to be for the most daring, but eventually the drink I chose was Madalena with mastic and the sweet, cool taste of mandarin.

However, no matter how fine are the drinks, if they are not accompanied by good sounds, you will not go any further than chatting. But in Baroque, people go mainly to dance – and this is what they do with the sounds of Chris Deepak, Theo and GK, whose program includes house, deep house, soulful, nu disco, electro and also leftfield and rock on weekdays. In addition to these resident DJs, Baroque’s deck has so far hosted many guest DJs, (Greek and from abroad), many of whom have a key role in the nightlife of the center, such as Christo Z, Akylla, Mikee, Michael Delta, Nikos Diamantopoulos, Ms. Lefki, Argy, Echonomist, And.Id, Ekkohaus, Jojo Flores, Vinny Gruvhunter, Cj Jeff, Gus & Bonso, Alex Dimou, Manolaco, Jonn, Jojo Duke, Junior Pappa, Dj Angelo, ClubKid, Lefty D, Dollen, Dennis, M.Castaway, who have already been there and most of them return from time to time.

The combination of the above philosophy, in a bar with quality and diversity for the facts of a provincial town, is expressed in the Baroque motto: “Drink Responsible, Listen Carefully, Think Different”.

Source: www.popaganda.gr

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