Lifo: Surprise from the South

Baroque - Lifo - Συνέντευξη με το Γιώργο Σακκά

Baroque celebrates its five year anniversary and the owner George Sakkas explains to us the secret of its success.

Within a few days you complete five years of life. Those who know or have visited Baroque talk about the best cocktail bar in the region and for parties that have already made history. Why do you think you’ve managed to stand out?

Persistence, patience, passion and a lot of love for what we do here. We want to constantly make progress on the main pillars of the bar that is the drinks and the music and this is exactly what we do.

The Baroque motto outlines its whole philosophy: “Drink Responsible, Listen Carefully, Think Different”. Can you explain to us how this philosophy works in practice? Why do you think people trust you so much?

First of all, when we started this effort five years ago, we wanted (and I believe we have succeeded) to propose and offer something different than what was established until then. Different into aesthetics, into drinks, in music, in service and generally in the way a bar works. All of these things make up the philosophy of “Drink Responsible, Listen Carefully, Think Different,” and this philosophy applies with great responsibility, consistency and continuity. We have one of the largest drinks collections one can meet in a bar and a rich list of cocktails that are constantly being refreshed, but we always emphasize on responsible consumption. It is a great deal for the customers, to know what they are drinking and how they should do it, first for themselves and then for us. After all, isn’t knowledge what makes us better? The same goes for music. We always want to be one step ahead. Our music identity has got soul, rare grooves, brazillian, even rock influences. On Fridays and Saturdays of course, the sounds get more dancing, a blend of house – re edits – deep – soulful etc.

In both, sound and tasting, we believe horizons must always be open. Through the new things that are kept in the long run. I believe that people trust us because they know they will find something they like here. In the music, in the drinks, in the place, in people, in the atmosphere. Everything in Baroque has high standards, similar to what we put in ourselves.

Baroque Bar Καλαμάτα - Lifo - Συνέντευξη με το Γιώργο Σακκά

From that very first day, when the lights turned on for the first time and you heard the first keynotes in the place, there have been more than a thousand nights of entertainment and music. Are there any moments that have been strongly drawn in your mind and you will remember them no matter how many years will go through?

Definitely! There are too many moments … Good ones, difficult ones, but always so intense. These moments make us cherish more what we do. I can remember many mornings when the sunlight streamed in from the skylights and we were dancing with the people, with a smile stuck on our face (well, this might have been because of drinking and of our DJ’s). And also other, very moving moments that we had to say goodbye to guys who finished their studies and decided to leave town or guys coming for some last drinks before leaving the country. Many unexpected, too many funny incidents, many nice morning conversations with laughter while we were grabbing a bite after a long night. What to remember first…

Let’s see: Christo Z, Akylla, Mikee, Michael Delta, Nikos Diamantopoulos, Ms. Lefki, Argy, Echonomist, And.Id, Ekkohaus, Jojo Flores, Vinny Gruvhunter, Cj Jeff, Gus & Bonso, Alex Dimou, Manolaco, Jonn, Jojo, Duke, Junior Pappa, Dj Angelo, ClubKid, Lefty D, Dollen, Dennis, M.Castaway and more. At the Baroque decks, we have seen some of the best Greek -and not only- DJ’s, many of whom shine in the bars and clubs of the capital. How do you convince them to come to Kalamata?

When we started to invite them it was very difficult, because they didn’t know us, or the place or the public of our town. However, from the first parties and afterwards we showed them that what we do, we do it in love and in the best possible way. And in terms of hospitality and in terms of sound and set up, but mostly in terms of crowd. So everything else came rather easily. It is no coincidence that with the most guys that come here, we retain a solid cooperation! We consider them members of our team. For the truth is that Baroque works as a team or, even better, as a family!

Baroque Bar Καλαμάτα - Lifo - Συνέντευξη με το Γιώργο Σακκά

What should we expect from Baroque in the future or what do you expect within a time when nightlife and trends are rapidly and constantly changing?

We expect only the best to come and, as I said, this is why we are constantly trying to make progress. We want to get better and move forward for two reasons: Firstly, because it is a matter of principles, respect and passion and secondly, because we owe it to the people that have been supporting us for so many years with their love.

Are there any events scheduled for the near future? What are you planning for the ten year anniversary? It is not that far. Only another five years …

Yes, we have already scheduled several events until the summer. The next is on March 27, when we will have the honor and joy to host Thodoris Triantafillou at Baroque’s decks. Concerning the 10 year anniversary, indeed it is not that far when you do something you like and love, so let us keep it for a surprise!


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